Waterloo Scenario Errata

The 8th Anglo-Allied cavalry brigade should be 8 HnLC instead of 8 DbLC (this is the Duke of Cumberland Hussars). The stats for this unit are listed in the INFORMATION CARDS section on page 161, and the label for this unit should be corrected too. Notice that this unit is also affected by the optional special rule regarding the Dutch/Belgian cavalry.

Also, there is a typographic mistake in the Anglo-Allied CR Cavalry Reserve: Uxbridge is supposed to be a direct commander thus should be represented by a 1 figure base. Uxbridge at Waterloo, is a clear example of the considerations about cavalry reserve corps commanders at page 13 of the 4th Edition rules.

Here you can download the corrected OOB, labels and stats.
OOB errata (page 151)
Label errata (page 153)
Stats errata (page 155)

We would like to thank Mr. Robert Duckworth and Mr. Anton Verster for reporting these typos.